Riikyu's "Pebble" Series: A Timeless Testament to Eternal Bonds

Drawing from the resilience of pebbles, Australia's Great Ocean Road's balancing stones, and Barbara Hepworth's sculptural masterpieces, Riikyu's "Pebble" series embodies perseverance, harmony, and artistry. Each design invites a journey through nature's wonders, cultural connection, and timeless art, converging into tales of unity and balance. Dive into our narrative of enduring elegance.

Riikyu's "Wave" Series: An Ode to Nature’s Perfect Imperfections.

Inspired by the dance of waves, the vast desert landscapes, and ancient wall paintings marked by time, Riikyu's "Wave" series captures the beauty in contrasts and imperfections. Our designs, drawn from nature's diverse tales, evoke emotions, mirror Earth's raw elegance, and pay homage to art that cherishes flaws. Dive into a world where design speaks nature's language.