Riikyu's "Wave" Series: An Ode to Nature’s Perfect Imperfections

The infinite dance of waves crashing upon the shore, the vast expanse of the desert, and ancient wall paintings touched by the sands of time are the inspirations behind Riikyu's "Wave" series. Our designs embrace contrasts not just in colour but also in texture, resonating with nature's myriad tales and its enchanting flaws.

A scenic beach with rolling waves and golden sand
Waves: A Symphony of Motion and Emotion

The fluidity and unpredictability of sea waves embody the essence of life—constant yet ever-changing. Drawing inspiration from these powerful symbols of nature, our "Wave" series captures the dynamic interplay of motion and emotion. The contrasting hues of our products evoke the myriad moods and stories of the sea.

Desert: An Array of Earthy Hues and Textures

The vast landscapes of deserts, with their gradient of earthy colours and ever-shifting dunes, have a mesmerizing charm of their own. By integrating various materials like different shades of leather, unique wood textures, and diverse fabric colours, Riikyu's designs echo the desert's multifaceted beauty. Each product becomes a canvas, painting a story of the Earth's raw elegance.

Wall Paintings: The Beauty in Imperfection

Time leaves its mark on everything, and ancient wall paintings are no exception. As centuries pass, portions of these masterpieces erode, revealing irregular patterns that whisper tales of bygone eras. Riikyu deeply resonates with this natural progression, cherishing the beauty that lies in imperfection. Our designs, influenced by these irregularities, are a tribute to art that embraces the flaws, acknowledging that true beauty often resides in the untold, the incomplete, and the imperfect.

With the "Wave" series, Riikyu invites you to embark on a journey where contrasting elements coalesce seamlessly. It's a celebration of our planet's diverse landscapes, the rhythm of its waters, and the silent stories etched on ancient walls.