"Crescent Moon" Sofa

Verkäufer Riikyu
$1,992.00 USD



43.3"L / 45.3"W / 29.5"H

110cm L / 115cm W / 75cm H


43.3"L / 41.3"W / 13.9"H

110cm L / 105cm W / 35.4cm H


38.6"L / 15.8"W / 15.4"H

98cm L / 40.2cm W / 39cm H

Wood Base

40.6"L / 38.7"W / 2.2"H

103cm L / 98.3cm W / 5.6cm H


Product Materials:
Ashwood, Wood, HR Foam, Polyester, 201 Stainless Steel

The frame is made from solid wood & solid bentwood and subsequently covered in foam and polyester fabric.

100% Polyester

Wood Finishes:
Black Walnut

Ordering Instructions
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  • Expected delivery time: 8-10 weeks

  • It cannot be returned or exchanged.

  • Please contact us at shop@riikyu.com for more details.
Care and Maintenance
  • Vacuum using a soft-bristle attachment for routine cleaning.

  • For spills, promptly blot spills with an absorbent cloth.

  • For stains, gently clean with a damp cloth using a mild cleaner. Then dry it with a hairdryer on low heat.

  • Avoid sharp objects.

Lunar Charm with Modern Design

Marry the graceful curves of a new moon with contemporary home aesthetics. Add a touch of poetic style to your space.

Scratches-Resistant Premium Fabric

The chosen high-quality frosted fabric is comfortable to the touch and resists pet claw marks, ensuring the sofa always stays intact.

Shared Space Between Humans and Pets

The heart of the backrest uses solid bentwood to create an exclusive area for pets. It is an ideal choice for pet-inclusive homes.