Riikyu's "Pebble" Series: A Timeless Testament to Eternal Bonds

Life, with its constant ebbs and flows, often reminds us of the enduring nature of certain bonds. Our connection with our pets is one such bond – unyielding and eternal. The "Pebble" series by Riikyu is a celebration of this timeless relationship, crafted with inspiration from three profound sources:

Three pebbles placed on the beach
Pebble's Timeless Arc

Just as pebbles are continuously moulded by relentless water currents, forging their unique and enduring curvature, so too does Riikyu's design philosophy undergo refinement. This resilience of the pebble, bearing testament to unyielding forces of nature yet emerging beautifully intact, mirrors Riikyu's commitment to crafting designs that stand the test of time and transcend fleeting trends.

Several stones are stacked vertically into two groups in front of the sea
Equilibrium in Impermanence 

A trip to the seaside provided a revelation - stones, seemingly unstable, stacked harmoniously, achieving a delicate balance. This art, often termed "stone equilibrium," has roots tracing back to ancient practices that symbolise harmony, patience, and the balance of life. This equilibrium signifies stability and peace amidst chaos in a world filled with transient moments, aligning with Riikyu's aspiration for designs that represent unwavering, eternal bonds.

an abstract sculpture
The Weight of Time in Art

The profound artistry of British sculptress Barbara Hepworth, particularly her works "Mother & Child" and "Two Forms," offers a tangible touch of eternity. Hepworth's sculptures depict a deep-rooted connection, stability, and the dance between forms, capturing the essence of enduring relationships. Riikyu's designs, inspired by this monumental feel, evoke a similar sentiment of love that remains unchanged with time.

In choosing Riikyu's "Pebble" series, you select an ode for unchanging love - an eternal bond between you and your cherished pet, celebrated through art and design.