"Pebble" Cabinet

By Riikyu
€4.262,95 EUR



35.4"L / 15.7"W / 43.3"H

90cm L / 40cm W / 110cm H

Front Hole

7.9"L / 7.1"H

20cm L / 18cm H

Bottom Hole

7.9"L / 6.3"H

20cm L / 16cm H


Product Material: 

North American Black Walnut, Hardware Accessories


The cabinet is constructed from North American black walnut wood, with planks bonded to form the main structure. The third and bottom layers have internal wooden tracks for lifting, while other drawers are fitted with metal slides. It features a handleless design.

Ordering Instructions
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  • Expected delivery time: 8-10 weeks
  • It cannot be returned or exchanged.
  • Please contact us at shop@riikyu.com for more details.
Care and Maintenance
  • Use a soft, damp cloth for routine cleaning.

  • Avoid using cleaners containing any type of chemicals.

  • Avoid sharp objects.

Tailored by Nature

The black walnut cabinet embodies the raw, unrefined beauty of nature's textures, offering a piece that is as much a celebration of the natural world as it is a functional item for your home.

Minimalist Touch

This cabinet pays homage to minimalism, featuring a handle-less design. A gentle press reveals its contents, or lift up the third or bottom board to display your collection.

Secret Base for Pets

Two unique pet entrances at the base allow your pets to weave in and out or find a peaceful shelter for a nap. Two pebble-shaped wooden bases provide enough space for pets to navigate from underneath.