About Us

Brand Story

Riikyu's founder lives peacefully in Melbourne, Australia, with four cats and a dog. She is a scholar in Western art history, and is also passionate about East Asian cultures. The brand name "Riikyu" originated from the tea master Sen no Rikyu, who profoundly influenced Japanese wabi-sabi in the 16th century. Through Riikyu, she aims to convey a serene and beautiful lifestyle shared between humans and pets, making every moment feel eternal. Meanwhile, her experience as a photographer and art director for fashion and interior design magazines enriches the brand with a unique artistic vision.

Riikyu's Philosophy

  • Shared Experience

With the principle that every animal has its unique soul, we focus on designing products that can be utilized jointly by both humans and pets. These products aim to bridge the gap between individuals and their beloved pets, creating a closer bond. With Riikyu, you and your furry friend can better share a harmonious and intimate life.

  • Endurance

Riikyu draws design inspiration from art across different eras and elements of nature. We've chosen timeless natural hues as our brand's colours. We strive to ensure that each piece of work by Riikyu withstands the test of time to witness the eternal bond between humans and pets.

  • Sustainability

Riikyu is committed to partnering with high-quality and energy-efficient global supply chains. We prioritize eco-friendly and biodegradable materials, showing our commitment to our "Mother Earth". From design and production to packaging, marketing, and sales, we continually strive to minimize unnecessary waste and consumption.

Riikyu's R&D Team

We've joined forces with internationally recognized designers worldwide, many of whom have received various global design awards. Guided by Riikyu's philosophy, our 100% original designs aim to offer both you and your pets products that encapsulate shared experiences, endurance, and sustainability.

Riikyu's Charitable Initiatives

Beyond the animals cherished within human households, Riikyu also deeply cares for the entire Earth and all its inhabitants. Our bond with the world remains ever-present. Riikyu donates 1% of its annual sales profits to charitable organizations dedicated to saving endangered species. By choosing Riikyu, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for joining us in making a difference for the other creatures on our planet home.